Charlie Hebdo: Islamist hackers target French websites in wake of Paris shootings

Group said Anonymous’s pledge to avenge Charlie Hebdo shootings was racist

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Islamist hackers have hacked French websites and called for death to France and Charlie Hebdo, in apparent response to Anonymous’s vow to avenge the Paris shootings.

The group’s messages have appeared on up to 100 French sites. Websites including a French gardening website were hacked, so it is likely that the attackers broke in using a commonly available platform or other security flaw.

The cyberattacks are thought to be a response to Anonymous’s commitment to avenge the attacks under the banner “OpCharlieHebdo”, which it announced last week.

The new attacks are being carried out under the name “OpFrance”. Hackers associated with Anonymous often use the “op” name, short for operation, to name their projects. Much of the imagery used in the hack — seemingly perpetuated by someone or a group calling themselves AnonGhost — derives from Anonymous, but the groups are now supporting opposite aims.

AnonGhost called Anonymous racist for running OpCharlieHebdo, which saw them take down extremist websites and try to suspend Islamist Twitter accounts.

Though there doesn’t seem to have been any direct attacks, Anonymous and similar groups do often attempt to expose the identities during such feuds.