Condé Nast + Konami Code = dinosaur surprises

Entering the famous cheat code onto Vogue, Wired, GQ or Easy Living reveals a hidden easter egg

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We don’t know exactly who the webmaster for Conde Naste is, but whoever they are they obviously have a soft spot for video game pop culture. Visitors to the websites of Vogue, GQ, Wired or Easy Living will get quite a surprise if they enter the Konami Code whilst looking at the front page.

We’d describe in detail these Jurassic pop-ups but really they’re best experienced first hand.

The Konami Code (which, incidentally, is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A – but I’m sure you knew that!) was originally a cheat code that was popularised by the 1988 NES game ‘Contra’.

Entering this sequence whilst playing the notoriously difficult game would give the player 30 extra lives, but the code has now entered popular culture as at catch-all password to unlock hidden content or surprises in games and websites.

We’re not sure how long Condé Nast sites have been supporting the code’s use, but we’re certainly thankful it came to light. Try it out on each of the sites listed below for a distinctly specialised appearance from a Jurassic guest.