Couples who gush about each other are the 'most annoying' Facebook users

A quarter of those surveyed said public declarations of love were irritating, while others said the worst were those who bragged about their "perfect lives"

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Facebook users who boast about their relationship or partner are the most annoying of the social network’s users, a survey has revealed.

In results not wholly surprising, 26 per cent of respondents said they were sick of seeing posts of sickly sweet messages relating to a person’s other half.

“There is nothing worse than going on Facebook and seeing someone gushing over their boyfriend or girlfriend,” one of the people surveyed by

“It's so unnecessary, why can't couples just text that sort of thing to each other? Or better yet tell them to their face.”

Saying it how it is, 22 per cent of the group condemned those who brag about their lives as the worst, while 19 per cent said it was the rabid status updaters who gets their goat.


Another respondent said: “I hate people who use Facebook just to boast about how perfect their life is. They share information just to brag about how great things are for them.

“It makes me want to hit the unfriend button every time I see it.”

Other annoying behaviour on Facebook that was mentioned included people who moaned too much, animal lovers, fitness fanatics and stalkers.

According to Facebook, it has 829 million daily active users across the world, with 82 per cent of those users outside of the US and Canada.