Activists stage an anti-Trump protest in front of the US Supreme Court, which no longer has representation on the White House website / Alex Wong/Getty

The discovery came soon after Mr Trump's 'Muslim ban' set the two branches against each other

Donald Trump has removed the judiciary from the Government on the White House website.

Until now, and in every mainstream account of the politics of the US, the Government is made up of three branches. Those are made up of the executive, represented by the President; the legislative, made up of the Senate and House of Representatives; and the Judiciary.

But the White House website now leaves out all mention of that latter branch. As of shortly after the inauguration, it mentions only the executive and legislative branches, both of which are controlled by the Republicans.

The discovery came soon after judges dealt a blow to Donald Trump's "Muslim ban", a decision that put the White House in conflict with the judicial branch.

Now the page that used to describe the judiciary's role in the governing of the US only reads: "Thank you for your interest in this subject".

Otherwise, the page on the US Government is unchanged, suggesting that the removal was done on purpose.

The change appears to have been made as part of a sweeping set of alterations and deletions made by Donald Trump as he entered the White House. Soon after the inauguration, for instance, it emerged that he had removed all mention of climate change or global warming, civil rights and protections for LGBT people, among others.