Doom's fearsome Cacodemons make a return in the new game / id Software

The trailer for the new game is just as gory and over-the-top as you'd expect

The trailer for the next game in the legendary Doom series has been released, and it's absolutely ridiculous.

The gory, loud and very, very over-the-top trailer was released on Thursday, and looks like the new title will live up to the series' reputation.

When all the new trailers for high-profile FPS at the moment are all trying to outdo each other in how arty and meaningful they are, it's quite refreshing to see Doom completely embrace the bullets and blood that have made it so popular.

The new game, which has been developed the famous id Software and published by Bethseda, is set to be released on 13 May, the trailer revealed.

It'll see the player take on the role of the legendary unnamed Marine, who wakes up to find his facility on Mars has been overrun by demons. The only way out is to fight.

As if the game wasn't enough itself, the collector's edition will come with a 12-inch figure of a Revenant, the missle-firing skeleton monster first seen in 1994's Doom II.

Doom is available to preorder for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now.