In 2010 instant photo fans will be graced with the revival of the Polaroid.

A collaboration between the iconic instant film and camera brand, Polaroid and the Impossible Project, will see the return of the popular cameras, film and instant printers to the main stream market in 2010.

The Impossible Project - an organisation that has acquired Polaroid's original manufacturing plant in the Netherlands - plans to produce approximately 1 million films during 2010. In the following year they will produce around 3 million films with the expected maximal demand to reach about 10 million films during the foreseeable future.

In June of 2008 Polaroid stopped producing analog Instant Film, with the aim of transforming the company into a "global Consumer Electronics and Digital Imaging company". The Impossible Project aims to "re-invent and re-produce" analog film and Polaroid cameras for a new generation of instant film users.

The optimised film products will be manufactured and rebranded by The Impossible Project before being sold to the public in 2010 said the company in an October 13 press release.

"Our new black&white film will be available from February 2010," revealed Marlene Kelnreiter, Press Relations & Communication, The Impossible Project, on October 15 in an email to Relaxnews.

"Colour material will follow in the middle of 2010 and we plan to produce image/spectra film by the end of 2010. All these films will be distributed under our own brand (which will be presented [and] introduced in the beginning of 2010). Pricing shall stay around the same level as it is now."

Polaroid branded films will be produced for The Global Summit Group to accompany the launch of their new Instant Film cameras - due to hit the shelves in the middle of 2010.