With the iPad release swiftly approaching, many green-thinking designers have been creating new products with the iPad in mind. Here are a few eco-friendly options, all coming soon, for protecting, displaying, and charging iPads and other tablet computers.

Cork sleeves by Ryan Frank for TAPE
These low-fi sleeves, designed by Ryan Frank for UK independent record label TAPE, are sourced from sustainable cork grown in Portugal and were designed and handmade in the UK. Only one color choice for the cork, but the side-stitching comes in a selection of colors. Laptop sleeves are £20 ($30); the version for iPad is likely to go for slightly less.

Pakuma Eco-Cocoon
The hip Pakuma Eco Cocoon has outer materials and lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The high-density protective foam is also 100% recycled, as is the paper used to make the packaging, which is printed using soy-based inks. Available in four sizes and two color choices.

Marware Eco-Vue and Eco-Flip
These sleek black cases are made from "eco-leather,"which is tanned through a process that requires fewer toxins than traditional tanning. The leather remains RoHS 5Restriction of Hawardous Substance) compliant throughout the entire process. Choose from the Eco Vue, which opens like a book, or the Eco-Flip, which opens like a notepad. Both come with a handstrap and double as a display stand. $49.99

These rugged sleeves are made from tough hemp and fleece and boast a snug fit, meaning there is no slack between your iPad and the case. ColcaSacs are handmade in Salt Lake City, UT, and the company donates one percent of sales to help purchase land in environmentally sensitive areas. Several color choices are available. $30

Vers Audio Bamboo iPad Case
This classy case and display stand is made from US hardwoods and highly renewable bamboo, with a hidden steel reinforcing frame. For every tree the company uses, it plants 100 through partnerships with The Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forestry Service. $79.99

Blythe King iPad iSockit
Blythe King's whimsical cases feature a sling-flap closure and a button-up front pocket perfect for fitting an iPad charger. Better yet, they're made from vintage fabric and buttons and come in a wide range of patterns and colors. $80

Solio solar chargers
Solio chargers work with mutiple devices and store power from the sun for up to a year. They charge in about ten hours in direct sunlight (or in less time via a USB port). Better Energy Systems, makers of Solio, has planted trees in a bio-diverse sustainable forest to offset the carbon dioxide produced in the manufacturing process. $79.95