The Eurogamer Network, a group of video games news and reviews websites, has expanded into the digital distribution market by launching a new games download service called Get Games.

The new site at is being rolled out using an incremental approach that is a hallmark of previous Eurogamer projects. As such, Get Games is starting out with a number of classic titles such as Rome: Total War, and the Broken Sword Trilogy along with modern day hits like Outrun Coast to Coast, King's Bounty, Tropico 3, and award-winning titles from smaller teams and companies with Machinarium, Eufloria, and Trine.

By the end of February, 150 games will be available, with a similar amount being put through testing for inclusion soon after. SEGA, 1C Publishing, and Kalypso are among the publishing companies already signed up to Get Games and further announcements are expected in the next few weeks.

Although the store is launching with prices in British pounds sterling, the following weeks will see the addition of payment in US and Australian dollars, euros, as well as with popular online payment system PayPal.

The venture is being run as a partnership between Eurogamer and publishing label Mastertronic, headed up by experienced games industry veteran Graeme Struthers. He picks out the two partners' expertise as an important element in bringing a local flavor and relevance to the site, coupled with Get Games' enthusiasm for niche games and modern classics.

Digital download has become an important distribution method in recent years for music, film, and video games. Apple's iTunes Store, launched in 2003, allows the purchase of albums and individual tracks. Amazon and other retailers followed suit, in the company of younger online-only businesses such as 7digital and eMusic.

Digital distribution has also been part of PC gaming for a similar amount of time. Valve, a video games company, launched the Steam retail store and network in 2003. North American video games website IGN gestated a digital sales arm in 2004 with Direct2Drive, while other sites offer more specialized content, like GoodOldGames which provides vintage and classic games.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are able to sell games directly to console owners via Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and the DS and Wii Stores.

This latest project for the Eurogamer Network follows on from establishing the business community, the GamesAid charity, and the UK's biggest consumer games event, the Eurogamer Expo.