Everybody loves a good turn on: Website reviews how your knob feels


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Everyone loves a knob, right?  Especially the feel. So the website knobfeel.co.uk, the only one promising “reviews based purely on the feel of a knob”, must be racking up quite a number of hits. Started anonymously this year, our intrepid knob-feeler likes to try out various knobs on stereos (yes, stereos; what did you think I was talking about?) and report back on their smoothness, sensation and texture.

So the Sony STR-DH820 is derided for its “cheap slippy plastic knob”; the Cambridge Audio 651R receives praise for its “nice dampened axial skew, and lovely weight behind the rotation”. But the top review so far has gone to Rega Osiris Reference Amplifier, which had “such a smooth rotation I could barely contain myself”. But while we thinks it a very informative website, we appreciate Knobfeel might be misleading some web browsers out there.