28 comments of Pusheen being adorable coming your way

If the GIF taught us anything, it's that words are completely antiquated and pointless and we can all just converse in looping shots from Mean Girls.

The Facebook sticker serves a similar purpose, saying 'here's a sort of cat thing eating a slice of pizza' instead of actually professing your love for pizza.

They were previously confined to messages, but on Monday Facebook rolled them out to comments, meaning with one click a reaction to a post can be given in picture form.

"I think stickers will allow people to reply to a variety of posts in a more fun way than words alone," Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin wrote in a Facebook post. "You can now easily show your excitement for a post with good news, cheer up a friend who's feeling down, and express a variety of more nuanced reactions."

Stickers were previously confined to messages

While a picture may speak a thousand words, a sticker invariably is worth about four however, and this could lead to overwhelmingly stickery comment sections, similar to the clusterf*** that ensued when Facebook introduced picture comments.

Facebook has got more creative with its stickers lately, bringing in packs like the excellent Mr. Baldy and characters from the cartoon Adventure Time.