The posts appear to be links to stolen naked photos — but are actually trying to steal your details

A Facebook post that claims to link to the “10 Hottest Leaked Snapchats Ever” could in fact be taking users to online scams, according to security experts.

The posts in fact link to scam sites that can be used to trick users into revealing credit card details and other important information.

The same picture and scam is used with other wording, including a claim that the pictures are “the new batch of snapchat leaked [sic]”. That seems to be a reference to the “Snappening” — an alleged leak of photos shared through Snapchat.

Other scams include posts claiming to show ways of checking who visits your profile most, and similar scams such as posts offering “leaked work selfies” and “sexy shoots of girls taken by her boyfriend”.

Such scams, disguising themselves as lists or articles but taking users to problem websites, are likely to continue to grow, according to Bitdefender.

There’s on definitive way to know whether a story linked on Facebook is genuine or a scam. The best way to be sure is to remain vigilant, not click on any links that look at all suspect, and to never give away credit card details or other information on any site that you don’t absolutely trust.