Google's lead designer for 'Inbox by Gmail' Jason Cornwell shows the app's functionalities on a nexus 6 android phone during a media preview in New York on October 29, 2014 / Getty Images

People can be stopped from talking to you with just one press of a button

Gmail has added an easy way to stop talking to annoying people, adding a new option to block people with just the press of a button.

Google has added a new “Block” button to Gmail on the web and on Android that works as a way of telling the site that you want to “Never see messages from this person again”, according to Google.

Any future emails from them will then be sent straight to the junk folder, unless they are allowed back again through the settings folder.

Google has also added the unsubscribe button to the Android version of Gmail. That feature, which has long been offered on the web, lets people get rid of newsletters and other subscriptions that people don’t read any more, or might never have intentionally signed up to.

Both options can be found in the same dropdown menu that is used to select the “Reply” or “Forward” buttons. The web updates are already available and the Android ones will be rolled out over the next week.