Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The storage giveaway is in the name of Safer Internet Day

Google is giving away an extra 2GB of Drive storage as a reward to any users who complete a checkup of their account's security settings.

The giveaway is all in the name of Safer Internet Day 2016, an initiative launched to try to improve internet users' security.

Many people take a fairly lax attitude to digital security, which is why Google is bribing its users into improving theirs.

The security checkup takes about a minute to complete in total, and involves reviewing your account recovery information, connected devices, app access and account permissions. At the end, Google automatically adds 2GB to your Drive storage, forever.

Google gives all users 15GB of free storage when they sign up, so in exchange for a few clicks, you can see this limit expanded fairly significantly. It might make you a bit safer online, too.

The company did the same thing last year, but even if you took advantage of the kind offer in 2015, you can do the same today.

What will you do with your extra 2GB of storage?