Artist captures bizarre distorted images on Google Maps

Things get weird when you zoom in too far on Google Maps

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If you look close enough, there's plenty of bizarre moments captured on Google Maps.

Some of the strangest images, however, appear when you zoom in a little further and check out some of the 'Photo Spheres' - detailed 360-degree images, uploaded by users from around the world.

Digital artist Kyle F. Williams (also known as Keelayjams) has collected some of these strange panoramas after scouring foreign beaches, and they're a little unsettling.

Pic: Kyle F. Williams/Google Maps
Pic: Kyle F. Williams/Google Maps
Pic: Kyle F. Williams/Google Maps

They're filled with disembodied limbs, strange distended abdomens, and even iPhones embedded in bums.

To discover your own, just visit any well-known global landmark on Google Maps, drag the Street View man over the map, and look out for the blue circles.

Sacré-Cœur, Paris (Pic: Google Maps)

Be sure to prepare yourself first, though - things can get weird.