Google Street View takes a peek inside the Tardis

'Time and Relative Dimensions in Space' prove no match for Google's inquisitive cameras

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Google Maps have always taken user into weird and wonderful environs, but for the first time they’re breaking the laws of physics with a visit into the Tardis.

If you’re using Street View outside Earl’s Court tube station simply click on the double-arrow to step inside the famous blue police box, or follow this link to be taken directly to the right spot.

(for those that are having trouble following the link, trying opening up in your browsers 'incognito' or 'private' mode)

The interior view lets users explore the main control room of the famous space ship, even letting fans down to the ‘ground floor’ to take a look at the heart of the Tardis.

Only the control room has been mapped by Google's cameras, but if they'd gone down the corridors who knows if they would've come out?


As well as featuring on Google Maps the ‘Police Telephone Box’ also makes an appearance on Google Plus with many commenters offering helpful reviews of the landmark.

Whilst many were unsurprisingly impressed by the ‘deceptively spacious’ interior, others were more measured in their response.

Michael van Biesbrouck gave a conservative three out of five stars, noting: “Dodgy proprietor rarely gives helpful answers, better to ask the friendly Ood if you've got a question. There is a dog, but it seems to be hypoallergenic."