Google to launch modular phone that can switch parts in and out

‘Project Ara’ smartphone will allow users to swap batteries, speakers and cameras in and out as needed

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Google’s new modular smartphone is set to be launched, allowing users to swap bits into and out of the phone as they want.

The smartphone is a structural frame, like a skeleton, that users can then add different parts to. Extra batteries, a camera or different displays can all be put in using the modular system.

It will also allow users to take out old parts or ones that aren’t working any more, and replace them with new models.

Google hopes that will allow for less environmental waste, since people will be disposing of less parts of their phone, and will make each phone last longer. Each frame is expected to last about six years.

The phone will launch with modules including speakers, cameras and processors.

But Google is also releasing a Module Developers Kit (MDK), which will allow third party companies to make modules for the phone. Some companies have already signed up to do so.

The different parts swap in and out using magnets.

The first trials will be in Puerto Rico.