Grumpy Cat poses on a purple pillow / Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Grumpy, or Tardar Sauce as she was originally named, allegedly brings in millions of pounds for her owners.

Grumpy Cat’s owner has hit back at claims that her pet has raked in $100 million as “completely inaccurate”.

While Tabatha Bundesen would not disclose how much Grumpy, originally known as ‘Tardar Sauce’, earned, she denied she is worth $100million (£64million) – more than footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

But she said she was considering giving a full interview to clarifying the 2-year-old cat’s earning power, perhaps with Lifetime, which she has a TV deal with.

Grumpy found fame when Bryan Bundesen, who owns her with his sister Tabatha, uploaded photos of her unusual expression on Reddit in late 2012.

Her constant downward smile and enormous baby blue eyes have helped her garner a handful of endorsements and licensing deals in the short time she has been an online star, including her own line of “Grumppuccino” bottled coffee drinks.

“People said her face was Photoshopped,” he said. To prove the critics wrong, the pair uploaded a video of the cat on YouTube, earning about 1.5 million views overnight.