Kashmira Gander

Kashmira Gander writes for the Independent and Independent on Sunday

The university where you can get a BA-level degree for free

The fees, the teaching quality, the syllabus and the aims: all are barriers to higher education for some people. But not any more, says Kashmira Gander. You don’t pay a penny at some “universities”, and come out with just as many benefits

Autistic Pride Day 2016: Why we are proud to have autism

Hollywood films such as Rain Man and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape have introduced neurotypical audiences to the complex condition that is autism (with the help on non-autistic actors). But on Autistic Pride Day, those living with it speak for themselves, and celebrate the unique way that autism affects each of them.

Why gardening is more political than ever

As the Chelsea Flower Show opens today, Kashmira Gander finds that, from anti-capitalist allotments to community protests, gardening has never been a more political act

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The other Mapplethorpe: at one with toddlers

Edward Mapplethorpe grew up in the shadow of his big brother, the photographer Robert, but was also nurtured by him and his circle, not least Patti Smith. Now Edward has produced 'One', including writings by Smith and others - see her poem below - and his own portraits of one-year-old babies. Kashmira Gander asks him about his 'unfinishable non-project'