Online mode will add multiplayer deathmatches and turf war game modes to the GTA experience

Rockstar have released the first trailer for the online portion of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 game.

The developers promise that the online multiplayer will “bring the heart of the grand theft auto experience to a living online world” and offer players a persistent gameworld with “a huge range of both structured and unstructured activities.”

Player will be able to earn money in the game to buy new weapons, clothes, and vehicles and undertake the same sorts of robberies and heists available in single player. All of these achievements will be separate from any progress in the single player mode.

In addition to these mechanics there will be a number of online game modes, such as deathmatches, races by car or by plane, and territorial gang warfare.

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free when customers purchase GTA 5, though it won’t be launched until October 1st (the game itself comes out on September 17th).

This delay in release date is because Rockstar consider GTA Online to be completely different game to GTA 5. In an interview with CVG, Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies said Online was “a different entity, a separate thing. It’s not a part of GTA 5. It’ll grow on its own.”

Whilst GTA Online will use the same engine as GTA 5 it will use its own character – separate from the three main protagonists (Franklin, Michael and Trevor) available in the singe player game.

Benzies also said that “the world of Grand Theft Auto Online is set slightly before the events of GTA V” and that characters from GTA 5 will help players get settled in the Online world.

GTA Online will also feature a lot of player generated content. From deathmatch arenas to racing tracks, users will be able to create their own challenges and share them with friends (and strangers) over the internet.

In addition to this, all GTA 5’s mini-games – including tennis, golf and apparently arm-wrestling – will also be playable online amongst friends. See below for the trailer in full: