The Welsh dragon pours a cup of tea for a little lady in traditional dress / Google


Google has created a special Doodle on its search page to celebrate St David's Day - or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant in Welsh.

The illustration shows the red dragon and an little lady in traditional Welsh dress sitting together at a table for tea. The dragon is pouring her a cup of tea and its tail forms the 'e' on the end of Google.

The 1st March is the feast of St David, the patron saint of Wales, who is thought to have died back in 569. While there is some uncertainty over the year, the date of death was recorded as the first day of March.

Along with marking the life of the saint, the day is a celebration of Welsh culture and heritage.

Today people across Wales will be pinning daffodils and leeks to their clothes, while children dress up in traditional costume and attend concerts and parades.

In the capital, Cardiff, there will be a large parade through the streets which will be attended by Prince Charles.

As part of the celebrations a special soup made of leeks, meat and other local produce is eaten. The stew known as cawl is a national dish of Wales and is often served with bread and cheese.

The day is a national holiday but there were proposals to make is a a bank holiday but these were dropped.