Here's why you shouldn't let your Facebook news feed get you down

Facebook vs reality is examined in short film

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A new video from filmmakers HigtonBrothers skewers Facebook narcissism perfectly, showing why you probably shouldn't take the updates, photos and videos that people post at face value.

News feeds tend to have a prismatic effect on our public lives, transforming the mundane into a bright and colourful display of hedonistic parties, personal milestones and Disney visions of romance, filtering out all the day's boring moments when you were staring out the window, struggling with packaging or aimlessly scrolling through the very social media feed you're updating.

It's easy to let people's online facades have a depressing effect on you, but it's worth remembering just how much contrivance and humblebraggery there often is to them.

'What's on your mind?' has already racked up over 4 million hits on YouTube, seeing a man's life spiral out of control, but his Like count only getting higher as he skilfully manipulates his day's nadirs into zeniths.

Driving to the top of a hill becomes the end of a marathon run, while drowning sorrows in a bottle of whiskey in a parking lot becomes a spontaneous bit of late night drinking.

The video ends with the man unfollowing himself.

"Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?" director Shaun Higton wrote alongside the video.