Hidden Cash UK Twitter account sparks country-wide treasure hunts for free money-filled envelopes

Envelopes stuffed with cash are being hidden in secret locations in England

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The trend for stashing bundles of cash in secret locations in California has now spread across the Atlantic after a Hidden Cash UK Twitter account sprung into life, making three drops and promising a fourth later this week.

The HiddencashUK Twitter account appeared just two days ago but already has an 18,000-strong following. The handle caused a frenzy in Leeds by announcing its first £50 drop, before heading to Manchester and Sheffield to hide envelopes stuffed with cash.

Much like the mysterious US benefactor behind the first Hidden Cash account, the person stashing the cash-filled envelopes appears keen to remain anonymous.

The tweeter has even enlisted the help of media outlets, including BBC 5 live, to reveal clues for the location of the next drop live on air.  

The trend began in America under the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, where an anonymous user continues to lead scores of people on city-wide scavenger hunts, with winners pocketing $100 or more each time.


According to the profile description on both the US and UK accounts, Hidden Cash's creator sees the hunts as "an anonymous social experiment for good".

They have encouraged those who find envelopes to send a picture via email or tweet one @HiddenCash and @Hiddencash_UK and the US feed has offered to provide advance clues for future "drops" to those who do.

The drops have sparked huge scavenger hunts and hundreds of people have been seen scrambling towards locations.

NBC Los Angeles took to the skies in a helicopter earlier this week to film the most recent rush after clues led them to the Empire Centre.