Hong Kong man caught smuggling 94 iPhones into China by strapping them all to his body

Man used the 'mobile armour' technique, but was spotted because he seemed to be walking stiffly

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A man has been caught trying to smuggle iPhones into China by strapping them all to his body, according to local news reports.

The man was spotted by his weird walking posture and apparent joint stiffness, according to Sina News.

The iPhone went on sale in China in October, only a month after it was launched everywhere else, but the market in smuggled phones continues to be strong.

The “mobile armour” technique, as the suit of mobile phones is describes, is not a new one. But it’s rare to catch a person with so many phones strapped to him.

After officials noticed the odd man, they checked the two shopping bags but he was carrying found nothing suspicious. But when he went through a metal detector he set off a “loud alarm” according to reports.

The phones were then seized and are now being held by customs officials, according the report.