Follow these tips to make that glorious glowing green cell last longer

There are tons of quick settings changes that will make a difference

An ex-Apple Genius pointed the finger at the Facebook app as a chief drain on iPhone battery life this week, as it chews up valuable minutes keeping up-to-date on various photos of lunches, skies and lunches backed by skies your friends are posting.

But how can its draining effect be limited, and what are other ways of improving iPhone battery life? Here's some tips:

1. Disable Background App Refresh for Facebook and other apps you don't need to be using every single second (it'll still function how you'd want for the most part).

2. Don't close down all the apps you're running! It's tempting to swipe up on everything, but the apps probably aren't using up much battery life and it'll only use up more RAM closing them.

3. Disable push email when possible and just check emails when you need to.

4. Use airplane mode if you're preserving your battery to play games, use apps etc rather than make and receive calls and texts,  it'll power down the antenna and save you some bars.

5. Turn off 'Battery life as a percentage' (Settings > General > Usage) for a tiny boost.

6. Stop checking your battery life! Firing up the screen will only make things worse.

Turning off background refresh for apps you don't use a lot will help

7. Turn on Auto-brightness (Settings app >Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness On), your iPhone will dim the screen in lower light environments.

8. Stop iOS 7's sexy new parallex motion effect (Settings > General -> Accessibility > Reduce Motion), it makes your apps look like they are on a different plane and is pretty cool, but if you're not bothered about aesthetics it's easily disabled.

9. Turn Bluetooth off if you haven't already. What is this, 2004?!

10. Turn off 3G/4G if you're using Wi-FI, or turn off Wi-Fi if you're using 3G/4G. Or both if you don't need the internet right now.

11. Turn off location services. If you're not using maps/checking in all the time it's not hugely important and is a big battery drain.

12. Turn off auto-update on apps. Chances are you can live without 10 more levels of Where's My Water for a while.

13. Stop doing battery intensive things until you can get charge, like watching Netflix in glorious HD and playing Infinity Blade II.

14. If all else fails, take your iPhone for a check-up at an Apple store. It will only take a few minutes and they'll explain how you can get more hours out of your device.