A demonstrator advances through Sydney beneath a rainbow flag / EPA

Facebook provides its own tool for adding a colourful tint to your pictures, but Twitter’s a little more work

It’s been a big week for LGBT rights — the supreme court has ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, and London Pride is about to happen. And it’s very easy to celebrate on social media, by turning your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures into the rainbow flag.

If you head to Facebook’s special Celebrate Pride page while you’re logged in, it’ll automatically grab your picture, add a rainbow tint, and give you the option of making it into your profile picture. (You get a chance to have a look before you commit — so you can head to the page to see what it looks like and not choose to use it.)

You can, of course, use that same method for Twitter, if you don’t mind using your Facebook profile photo. Once you’ve set your new Facebook profile picture, you can download it and re-upload it to Twitter — taking care of both easily.

Otherwise, Twitter is a little more complicated. You can easily add a little rainbow ribbon — or anything else — using the site Twibbon, which will overlay any of a huge number of small stickers onto your profile photo. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of replicating the Facebook effect with your Twitter picture.