Illegal file-sharers will be cut off as 'last resort'

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People who share files illegally over the internet may have their connection suspended under government proposals to tackle piracy, but only as a "last resort", Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary said.

The Government had a responsibility to ensure performers were properly rewarded for their work, he said on a visit to the BRIT Performing Arts and Technology School in Croydon, south London. Persistent file-sharers could have their internet connections cut off for short periods, he said, but only after written warnings.

Lily Allen, the singer, has issued a rallying call to fellow artists to back tough action, warning that illegal file sharing was making it "harder and harder for new acts to emerge". The cut-off sanctions, which are out for consultation until 29 September, have been criticised by internet service providers who said they could amount to a breach of internet users' human rights.