Instagram account switching feature rolled out to all users

After a test of the feature was warmly received by users, Instagram has now rolled it out to everyone

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Instagram is rolling out account switching to all users, a week after an early test of the feature was warmly met by the social network's community.

Writing on its blog, Instagram said: "Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts."

The feature, which is already available to some users, is bundled with the recent version 7.15 update for iOS and Android. To take advantage of it, Instagram says users need to go to their profile and click the 'settings' icon in the top right of the screen.

They then have to scroll down and tap the 'Add Account' button, and type in the login credentials for the new account. Once that's all sorted, users will be able to switch between up to five different accounts by tapping their username at the top of the profile screen. 

The company said the feature was available now for users who have the latest update, which was released at the start of February.

The new feature also includes push notifications for all accounts, so if someone likes a picture on any of your accounts, you'll get notified, even if you're not logged in. Obviously, it's possible to turn notifications off for each account individually.

Most Instagram users only have a single account, but for the few who manage multiple accounts or maybe have an alternative, less-polished profile, this update will make life much easier.