Instagram 'Log Out' button vanishes with latest update

The issue left a number of Instagram users unable to log out of the app

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Instagram is fixing a problem which makes it impossible for some users to log out.

Earlier this week, users of the photo-sharing app said the 'Log Out' button in the 'Settings' tab had disappeared.

This isn't a problem if you only use one Instagram account, but for people with multiple accounts, or for people who look after a few promotional business profiles, it's a major pain.

Instagram introduced account-switching earlier this year, making it much easier to move quickly between accounts, but users can't find this button either. Basically, they've found themselves locked into a single account.

A fix has been found, which involves going to a mobile browser, logging into your account there, and then logging out again, but this is a pretty complex solution.

The issue appears to have started with the release of the Version 7.19 iOS update at the start of the week. We checked Instagram before installing the update, and the button was still there. Immediately after the update had downloaded, it vanished.

Writing on Twitter, Instagram said they were aware of the issue, and were working on a fix for it.

With all the fuss over the recent 'turn on notifications' nonsense, Instagram users are having a bad week.