iOS 9.0.2: Apple releases another update for iPhone and iPad operating system, fixing leftover security bugs

The new release addresses a problem with the lock screen, which allowed people access to a phone’s photos without a password

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Apple has release another update to its brand new iPhone and iPad operating system, addressing a major security flaw.

The update — called iOS 9.0.2 and now being pushed out to devices — addresses a bug that allowed people to get access to personal information on the phone from the lock screen. By getting around the passcode security system, people could see photos and contacts, without ever actually entering a password.

As well as the lock screen issue, the update also fixes an issue with the mobile data settings, problems with iMessage, and issues with iCloud Backup. It also stops a problem where the phone’s screen would sometimes incorrectly rotate and improves the Podcasts app.

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At the same time as releasing the new update, Apple stopped signing iOS 8, the last major version of the operating system. That means that it is not possible to get back onto iOS 8, so upgrading to iOS 9 is now irreversible.