iOS 9.3 bug makes some phones break if people click on links, users claim

The issue appears to be fixed by changing some simple settings, though Apple will presumably release an update for the problems soon

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The new software update for iPhones and iPads appears to have a bug that makes some people unable to click on links.

The problem is leaving people unable to open links if they click on them in Safari, Messages, Mail and a range of other apps. When people try, the app seems to break and just hangs or completely crashes.

Others have reported that they simply can’t do anything with the links, and pressing on them makes nothing happen.

Though the release of iOS 9.3 mostly went smoothly, some issues have been reported in the week since it was pushed out to devices. Owners of older devices reported that the update was leading their phones and tablets to break, and Apple has released new software and advice to help people dealing with those problems.

The company hasn’t yet responded to the newly-reported problems with links.

It is still unclear how widespread the issue is, though a forum thread on Apple’s website has already received tens of thousands of views. The bug appears to mostly affect the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on iOS 9.3, but there have been some reports of similar problems on older phones and older software versions.

The issue might also be related to third-party apps that people have installed, according to 9to5mac. Installing certain apps — including, according to that blog — causes the problem to happen, it reported, and the issue does not go away if the app is then uninstalled or the device is restarted.

Some users appear to be reporting that turning off Javascript for Safari causes the problems to go away. Others have said that fixes the problems with links in Safari but not in other apps.

That is done by heading to the Settings app, finding and clicking on Safari, and then going to the Advanced options. There, you can flip the switch that will turn off Javascript on your phone.

Unless you find that certain websites you use aren’t working, you might have a better experience leaving this feature turned off — even when Apple eventually issues a proper fix for the issue. Javascript has been associated with security and performance problems in the past, and so if you’re not actually using it then you might be as well keeping yourself safe from it.