Stream alternately plays mandarin translation and fails to play at all

Apple's livestream of the announcement of its new products — including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — failed to work properly as it hit technical difficulties during the event on Tuesday.

Users that managed to get onto the video of the presentation had the audio overlaid with what appeared to the Mandarin Chinese translation, and saw the videos get stuck in loops, playing certain parts of the presentation over and over.

Others could not get through to the video at all, seeing the video company's test card and hearing two clashing songs being played.

The video also started late, with video cutting out and failing to restart as the presentation was scheduled to begin. Users were shown pictures of journalists entering the room but the video seemed to break at 6pm UK time, when Apple executives were set to take the stage.


When the stream began to work again, most users had missed Tim Cook's introduction — outlining the recent performance of the company's products — and were treated instead to the announcement of a new game made by Apple.



The video continued to cut out throughout the presentation, sometimes showing a title card again and then failing to work at all.