iPhone 6: 'Scarf Guy' Tommy Krul steals the show at Apple launch

Is it that cold in Cupertino?

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Apple may have unveiled its first Watch last night, but the 'wearable' everyone was talking about was around the neck of speaker Tommy Krul, whose infinity scarf distracted from all the gadgetry on display.

Apple dudes love to keep it casual at product launches, with CEO Tim Cook usually wearing jeans and an untucked shirt, but Krul took it to a whole new level as he donned the thick knit scarf, the kind you might wear on a sick day watching Turner & Hooch on the sofa.

Krul was brought on stage following the announcement of the iPhone 6 to demonstrate a game his company developed called Vainglory, but he was swiftly reduced to the epithet 'Scarf Guy' by Twitter with about as many screen grabs of his attire being shared as of the actual iPhone.

Was the infinite scarf a reference to Apple's Infinite Loop address? Was it just cold in Cupertino that day? This picture would seem to suggest otherwise:

Heroically, Krul was soon given a range of colours mimicking that of the iPhone 6.

And an amazing spot placed him in Kim Kardashian's Hollywood iOS game.

But ultimately, Lenny Kravitz outshone him in 'Scarf Guy' stakes.