An iPhone 6S Plus is seen at the Apple retail store in Palo Alto, California September 25, 2015 / REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple is expected to keep the features restricted to the bigger version of the iPhone 7 — and might restrict them to a ‘Pro’ version

New pictures claim to show the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus — and appear to confirm its biggest feature.

The images have been circulating on Chinese forums and are far from confirmed. But if they are accurate then they could be confirmation of one of the long-rumoured headline features of the iPhone 7 Plus — or iPhone 7 Pro.

The photos appear to show a much longer camera slot that seems to be making way for a dual-lens camera. Such a setup is thought to be on its way so that the phones can improve their cameras and might even be able to use them for advanced features like 3D photography.


It isn’t clear whether the dual-lens camera will be limited to the iPhone 7 Plus, or if it will be found in a version of the smaller iPhone 7.

Some have suggested that the dual-lens camera might find itself only in a special version of the phone: the iPhone 7 Pro. That will be a further upgraded version of the iPhone 7 Plus and might bring other features, reports have suggested.

The rest of the design of the phone fits with previous reports. It shows a handset similar to the iPhone 6, but with a slightly more rounded edge and the removal of the antenna lines that flow around the back of the 6 and 6s.

It also appears to have space for a Smart Connector, which was introduced with the iPad Pro as a way of connecting accessories like keyboards. Those appear to have taken some of the space that has been vacated by the headphone jack, which has been widely-rumoured to have been removed from the new model.