The Eye iPhone case is an utterly baffling device

The eye-catching Kickstarter campaign has almost hit its $95,000 target already

Smartphone cases don’t tend to be the most exciting of accessories, but a company called Esti inc. has created one that’s quite unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

The firm is aiming to raise $95,000 on Kickstarter for the Eye, an iPhone case that’s essentially a full-blown Android handset. 

The case promises to strap a 5-inch AMOLED screen to the back of a user’s iPhone. 

“The current technology of the iPhone LCD display is old,” reads the Kickstarter description. “In comparison, Eye’s screen is using the best display technology on the market today called AMOLED.

“With this technology, all colors, including real black, are much more vibrant on the screen. (There are rumors saying that only the premium version of the iPhone 8 will have an AMOLED display).

“Additionally, the display size and resolution of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 is only 4.7" and 1,334 x 750. Eye's screen is 5" and 1,920 x 1,080!”

However, the Eye is pitched as far more than just an additional display.

It runs Android 7.1 Nougat and comes with its own 2,800mAh battery, a 3.5mm headphone jack, NFC, two SIM slots and a microSD card slot.  

Meanwhile, it makes use of the iPhone’s cameras, speakers and microphone.

It’s an eye-catching campaign that’s almost hit its crowdfunding target already, but one that’s also utterly baffling. 

Esti has made a lot of promises, but hasn’t revealed the hardware the case will run on, simply describing it as “its own powerful chipset”. 

Even if it does work as advertised, it’ll likely add a significant amount of bulk to a user’s iPhone, transforming it into a handset that’s neither desirable nor especially practical.

Esti is offering early-bird prices of $95 for the Eye (down from $189) and $129 for the 4G-enabled version (from $229).