iPhone SE release date: New phone and iPad to be revealed on 21 March, reports claim

The new products are rumoured to be scheduled for release quicker than ever before — just days after the Apple event showing them off

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Apple is set to reveal its next iPhone and iPad on 21 March, according to reports.

The company had been rumoured to be launching the new products earlier in the month. But that has been pushed back, rumours suggest, though it isn’t clear whether those original reports were wrong or the date of the launch has been changed.

Apple is rumoured to be ready to release the new products — which will include the iPhone SE, the new iPad Pro and Apple Watch accessories — just days after they are revealed. The products’ release date could be as soon as 24 March, reports have suggested.

Apple isn’t expected to use the event to show off any major improvements, and it is thought to be a smaller event than the big ones it holds for revolutionary iPhone upgrades.

The event might also be Apple’s last one at its existing headquarters, if it is held there and not offsite. Apple is expected to move into its huge new campus later this year, and that building includes a special auditorium meant for holding Apple’s product events.