Laptops get touch sensitive, convertible and stylish at CES

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Computer maker HP is set to debut a new line of products that feature touch sensitive screens and come encased in aluminium outer shells detailed with engraved illustrations.

The company will show off its new TouchSmart tm2 notebook alongside a colorful range of netbooks and HP's first touch-enabled Mini PC at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7.

The TouchSmart tm2 is the first consumer notebook PC to sport a convertible design and integrate multitouch technology. The laptop can be used for traditional keyboard entry or can be flipped into a slate when users need to sketch or write with a digital pen.

New technology also enables consumers to "spatially organize" their photos and files by "tossing" the documents across the screen using the touch-enhanced 3D interface called BumpTop and multitouch finger gestures.

The Mini 5102 is HP's first attempt at integrating a touchscreen into a full-performance netbook. Crafted for students and professionals on the move, the HP Mini 5102 comes in both touch-sensitive and standard versions and can be carried with an optional handle.

The netbook also sports face recognition for enhanced security and easy website logins.

Computer maker Lenovo will also enter into the touchscreen notebook market this year and is set to debut a "hybrid PC" at the CES called the IdeaPad U1. The notebook is sold with a detachable screen that doubles as a touchscreen tablet PC.

HP's TouchSmart tm2 will start shipping on January 17 in the US from $949. The HP Mini 5102 will start shipping in January and will be priced from $399.