Lee Sedol plays his first move against AlphaGo / Google via Getty Images

Lee said: 'If AlphaGo wants a rematch, I'd like to face it again'

Lee Sedol, the South Korean Go champion who lost to a computer earlier this month, has said he would like a rematch.

Lee, a top-ranking Go player who has 18 international titles under his belt, lost a five-game match to AlphaGo, a computer program developed by British artificial intelligence company DeepMind.

However, Lee is ready to take on the machine once again. Speaking to Yonhap News, he said: "I will have to consider it carefully, but if AlphaGo wants a rematch, I'd like to face it again, on the condition it will take place in the near future."

He also hinted that he may have discovered the program's secrets, saying: "I figured out AlphaGo to some degree during our last meeting."

AlphaGo had previously beat human players, but the recent match was notable due to Lee's world-leading ranking. 

Most AI experts expected Lee to win, believing a program capable of beating players in the true top echelon of the game was at least a decade away from development.

Lee won only the fourth game, saying afterwards that he had found weak points in the program. However, AlphaGo removed any doubt by winning the fifth round after a tense showdown.

Following the match, Lee went to Jeju Island off Korea's south coast, to relax with his family after making headlines around the world.

AlphaGo was recognised for its victory after the match, being given an honorary 'ninth dan' professional ranking by the South Korean Go association, the highest rank possible.