Lindsay Lohan and Grand Theft Auto V's 'Lacey Jonas' / Getty/Rockstar

"I don't need any more lawsuits!" character ironically cries in the game

When TMZ reported last year that Lindsay Lohan was planning on suing Rockstar because a vapid, unreliable Hollywood actress character in GTA 5 bore too much of a resemblance to her, it sounded like the sort of story the gossip site would make up just to further ridicule her.

But now Lohan has officially filed against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games in a New York court.

She claims that the game used her likeness for the character Lacey Jonas, who one of the protagonists Michael helps flee a film set as she blurts out lines like: "I am so f*cking fat, oh my God they cannot get a shot of me," and (ironically) "Don't hurt them, I don't need any more lawsuits!".

Lohan isn't special, as numerous celebrities are lampooned in the game including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, while a non-playable character who looks exactly like Tupac Shakur has been seen wandering the streets of Los Santos.

Rockstar always maintains that any likenesses are coincidental however, and really the Lacey Jonas character is a parody of so many precious actresses.

Parody is considered fair under US copyright law, so Lohan may struggle to win this one.

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