Live football streaming sites Rojadirecta, LiveTV and Drakulastream all completely banned from UK browsers

The sites are regularly used so that people without Sky Sports subscriptions can watch Premier League games

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Some of the biggest live football streaming sites will no longer be accessible from the UK, after a court order.

The FA and the Premier League have successfully had sites including Rojadirecta, LiveTV and Drakulastream placed on a blocklist that means that internet service providers are not allowed to show those sites to customers, according to TorrentFreak. The blocks will be gradually rolled out and bring the full number of sites to 128.

A range of sites accused of aiding piracy have been placed on the list, including more conventional torrenting pages. More are expected to be added in the coming months, with copyright owners asking UK courts to ban sites.

The football associations that got the bans have an option to add other sites to the list if they spring up.

Earlier this week The Publishers Association also had some of its targeted sites blocked. That means that various eBook sharing sites will also no longer be shown by internet service providers.

The orders already ban popular torrenting sites including The Pirate Bay and They also includes music and other sports sites.