Mobile Apps line the stage at the Mobile World Congress

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For the first time in history mobile applications will be taking center stage at Mobile World Congress.

Apple's app store sparked a global revolution in the mobile phone world when it was opened in 2008. Since then its success has been mimicked across the world with rival phonemakers and operators setting up mobile application stores hoping to get in on the game.

Mobile World Congress recognized the importance of this growing trend and has developed a new event to honor and showcase mobile applications. From February 15 to 18 Mobile World Congress' App Planet will become a forum for application designers to discuss new innovations and to cultivate their ideas for the future.

"Solely focused on the rapidly growing application developer community, App Planet will bring together the many critical elements of the broad mobile application ecosystem together in one location," said Michael O'Hara, chief marketing officer for the GSMA.

"Application development is one of the most vibrant, innovative areas within mobile today."

Google, Motorola, Vodafone, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson and WIPJam will each hold application developer conferences (ADC) within App Planet. During the sessions developers will be able to learn about the individual platforms, take part in technical sessions and discuss their ideas on a one-on-one basis with mobile application developer relations teams.

Mobile World Congress's App Planet is just one of the big events planned for the four-day event. A full program of conferences, keynotes and panel discussions will delve into cutting-edge mobile trends and innovative new technology. These sessions will run alongside an exhibition of the hottest new products and concept designs from the top mobile companies in the field.

Mobile World Congress's App Planet ADC schedule:
Monday, 15 February - Vodafone 360 Developer Conference
Monday, 15 February - Developer Day hosted by MOTODEV
Tuesday, 16 February - BlackBerry Developer Day by RIM
Wednesday, 17 February - Sony Ericsson Creation Day
Wednesday, 17 February - Google Android Developer Lab
Thursday, 18 February - WIPJam Application Developer Conference

Mobile World Congress will take place from February 15 to 18 in Barcelona, Spain.