Moto G details leaked - £160 from 13 November


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The forthcoming Motorola Moto G smartphone has briefly appeared on Amazon UK, leaking even more information.

The listing, which was first brought to attention by, was swiftly removed after only a short time on the British branch of the e-commerce site. The most notable information leaked was the price: £159.99.

Although the phone was entitled “Motorola DVX/XT 1032” on the listing, it is strongly believed to have been the Moto G; in fact, the product description further down the page explicitly referred to the phone as the “Moto G”.

The extended title of the listing suggested that for £159.99, buyers could expect to receive a 16GB, SIM-free smartphone in black, running an “Advanced Android [operating system] with guaranteed upgrade” and coming with personalised coloured backs.

The previous specification leaks suggest that the phone would come with a 4.5-inch HD screen, and this was echoed by the Amazon listing which boasted the “sharpest 4.5 HD screen”.

The full product description read as follows: “Moto G is designed for all the things you want to do – taking and sharing photos, watching videos, checking scores, getting directions, listening to music, you name it. Moto G also gives you choices. Different backs you can switch out to reflect your unique style, and access to more than one million apps on Google Play to create your own mobile experience. Every detail is just how you’d like it.”

The official unveiling of the Moto G is set for Wednesday 13 November, although with this latest information leak, it appears there will be little left to unveil.