Woman celebrate the coming of a new year as they wait for the annual New Years Eve fireworks display in Sydney / AP

The animated image shows a range of different animals emerging from the shell, and is different each time

Google is celebrating the New Year with a special Doodle celebrating the birth of three mystery animals.

The company posted one of its famous images to celebrate News Years' Eve, the central part of which was a green egg. Google told users to check back tomorrow to see what came out of the egg — and now it has hatched.

On New Year’s Eve, Google’s doodle included a green egg wearing a sash. The egg was apparently ready to hatch, intermittently wobbling and attracting the attention of its fellow branch-dwellers.

On New Year’s Day, the egg hatched. Inside are three different things, one of which will be shown at random every time someone visits Google’s page.

The three possible animals inside of the egg are a crocodile, a duck and five turtles. The reaction of the other five birds is the same on each of the animations.

The Doodle is showing almost everywhere in the world, apart from select countries in Africa.

Google tends to celebrate the new year with a devoted Google, usually showing some variation on the letters involved in a dance.

Occasionally, however, Google has celebrated something entirely different for the Doodle. In 2009, people in Slovakia saw a doodle that had the euro sign as the E, for instance.