The Nokia 3310 is coming back: Here's how to play Snake right now

A legendary game for a legendary phone

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Nokia will resurrect the legendary 3310 at Mobile World Congress next month, according to new reports, with the new incarnation of the classic mobile phone expected to go on sale for €59.

There’s a cult around the Nokia 3310, which was loved for a number of reasons. 

It was easy on the eye, had excellent battery life and was incredibly hard-wearing, with fans hailing it as ‘indestructible’, exaggerating its toughness by putting it into ludicrous situations. In a hydraulic press, for instance. 

However, the role played by Snake mustn’t be understated. 

The mobile game, first pre-loaded onto Nokia phones in the late ‘90s, was as addictive as it was simple, challenging players to direct a slow-moving line towards a dot, in order to make the line a little longer. We all remember how it works.

Technology may have come on a little since those days, but it’s still possible to play Snake on your mobile phone. Sadly, you'll have to go without the 3310's physical keys.

Android, iOS and Windows Phone users can download Snake ‘97 from Google Play, the App Store and the Windows Phone store.

Fans of YouTube's clever Snake Easter Egg will, however, be disappointed to learn that you can no longer play the game on the current version of the site's video player.

Taneli Armanto, the creator of the original mobile version of Snake, has also created a modern version of the game, Snake Rewind, which Android users can download here.