Opportunists find there's money to be made from Twitter

Twitter's founders haven't decided how to cash in on their internet messaging service. But this approach may not prevent a gold rush among opportunistic outsiders.

Lolplaying, the maker of a new role-playing game on Twitter called 140 Mafia, is trying to explore Twitter's moneymaking potential with Super Rewards, a "virtual currency" service.

Super Rewards gives players of online and mobile games ways to gain the upper hand against their opponents. The price - a fee, or a willingness to accept offers from advertisers.

It's already proven to be a lucrative model at Facebook and MySpace. Now Super Rewards co-founder Jason Bailey is confident it will pay off on Twitter.

Bailey said the 40-employee company is on pace to reach $100 million in revenue this year.

Most people pay Super Rewards about $10, but some have forked out thousands of dollars, Bailey said.

"It's all about ego and status for them," he said. "Clearly, some people have more money than brains."