London’s OXO Tower undergoes a dramatic transformation to celebrate the build up to the UK launch of PlayStation®4 and the arrival of the PS4 Lounge

The tower is shown lit up with the icons of the PlayStation controller's buttons

The iconic Oxo Tower on London’s South Bank has undergone a transformation in order to ramp up excitement for the forthcoming launch of Sony’s Playstation 4.

A team of abseilers have changed the famous letters on the external wall of the tower so that it will now display a circle, cross, square and triangle – the main buttons on a PlayStation controller.

The symbols will be lit up at 4pm this evening (November 14) and will be visible amid the glowing London skyline.

It’s all part of Sony’s marketing campaign for its upcoming console, the Playstation 4. The so-called “next-gen” console will rival its counterpart, Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The Oxo Tower will keep the symbols until November 30, the release date of the PlayStation 4.

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