Different-coloured DualShock 4 controllers – one of which is the exact same shade of gold – have been available for some time / Imgur/MeinFewer

The leaked picture looks legitimate, though it doesn’t give away any pricing details

A gold PlayStation 4 Slim will launch next week, according to new reports.

A picture of the console in its purported new colour scheme has been posted online, with somebody who claims to work for Target claiming that Sony will officially unveil it on 9 June.

That’s just ahead of the the E3 gaming conference, which kicks off on 13 June, where Sony is expected to make some of its biggest announcements of the year.

The picture appears to be legitimate, though it doesn’t give away any pricing details.

“I work at target and it looks like the PS4 gold is coming June 9th,” wrote Reddit user Sliye. “Shows up on our equipment.”

Though Sony hasn’t spoken of a gold PlayStation 4 Slim, its apparent impending launch isn’t hugely surprising.

Different-coloured DualShock 4 controllers – one of which is the exact same shade of gold – have been available for some time. 

It’s also an easy way to attract new buyers. 

Earlier this year, Apple released a special edition iPhone 7 in red, in partnership with AIDS charity (PRODUCT)RED.

Incidentally, Sony released a gold PS4 back in 2015, though that was a limited edition model that was only available through Taco Bell.

The PlayStation 4 Slim was unveiled last year, squeezing the same technology inside the PlayStation 4, into a smaller body.