Site has yet to give an explanation of its disappearance

Pornhub's real world advertising campaign ended (appropriately?) prematurely yesterday, when its 'All you need is hand' billboard was removed from Times Square without reason just hours after being put up.

The advert was the winner of a competition the porn site held to find a poster that embodied their site without using explicit images, seemingly positing that there's no need for love when you've got good old masturbation.

"Because our icon is a hand, our campaign will easily be integrated into any media," said Nuri Gulver, a Turkish copywriter who came up with the ad. "Because everyone has it or is familiar it. And they use it often in their daily life. So, with our effective insight, we will announce 'Pornhub' name to the whole world in a short time."

This was Pornhub's first foray into off-internet advertising but it clearly didn't go down well with the public, being removed just hours after being pasted up.

"No more Pornhub Billboard in Times Square :(" Pornhub wrote on Twitter, without giving an explanation as to why it disappeared.

The porn site, which receives over 44 million visitors a day, is also making moves in the music industry, recently setting up its own record label.