LG says that the TV's colour is improved by more than 30% / LG

LG has got out ahead of peers to launch the new jargon

In TVs, 4K has barely even arrived, but manufacturers are still shoving past each other to announce the newest piece of jargon — and LG got there today, revealing its new ‘quantum dot technology’ TVs.

Lots of manufacturers, including Samsung, are said to be gearing up to launch TVs that use the technology, but today LG was the first to actually do so.

The technology allows for a wider colour palette and improved saturation than normal TVs, and will be launched alongside the rest of the company’s range at the CES electronics show in January.

The TVs — which are also ‘4K ULTRA HD’ — use nano crystals of about two to ten nanometers in size. Each of the tiny dots emits a different colour depending on how big I tis.

A film of the dots sits in front of the LCD backlight, helping with colour and brightness.

The technology helps improve the colour by more than 30%, LG said.