Robot fitted with katana to create world's most efficient samurai

Bow down to your robotic overlord

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Amid worries that AI will one day outstrip human intelligence and lead to our downfall, a Japanese technology has decided to fit a robot with a deadly katana sword, yay!

It posted a video of the robotic arm showing off its deft skill with a blade, which it learnt by motion capturing Japanese swordsman Isao Machii.

The robot takes on Machii in a number of challenges, performing complicated angled cuts and managing to slice with such speed and precision that it can easily halve a runner bean lengthways.

While he might not be able to match the robot, as humans go Machii is pretty swift, having recently sliced a fried shrimp fired at him at 80mph.

Robotic arms such as these are getting better and better at mimicking human movements, with one recently beating a world table tennis champion.

(via Kotaku)

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