But despite being claimed to be 'legitimate in every respect', the video is a well-known fake

A new video claims to show footage of aliens being carried around by American soldiers, during the 1940s.

The video appears to show aliens pulled from what conspiracy theorists say was the crash of a UFO in Roswell.

But the footage is a well-known fake that was used in the Ant and Dec film ‘Alien Autopsy’, in 2006, where the two play characters who fake such footage to try and make money from selling it.

The footage was shared by New Zealand-based magazine, Uncensored. The magazine claimed that “technical people did a frame by frame analysis prior going to press with it and determined that it was legitimate in every respect”.

It said that the video ““not only shows the dead alien (probably from the Roswell crash) itself, but also the hanger [sic] and the alien body being carried into the hanger [sic] from the military ambulance that delivered it. It has enough clues to accurately date the footage from the late 1940s.”

The footage was initially made by London entrepreneur Ray Santili, on whose story the Ant and Dec film was based. He initially claimed to have bought the film from an American military cameraman.

Santili later admitted that he had faked at least much of the film – though said that it was a reconstruction of footage that he had in fact seen. But not before the film had been sold to television stations and shown around the world.

It is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have claimed to have seen video of aliens found when they crashed in Roswell. One of the most famous films shows what is claimed to be an autopsy of an alien that can be clearly seen.

But that too was later exposed as a fake.

Roswell has been a favourite site for conspiracy theorists since a mysterious crash there in 1947. Interest flared around the site during the 1970s, when various people claimed that the crash had been of an alien spaceship that had then been covered up by the US government.

But the US said all along that the crash had been a conventional weather balloon.  It released further information in the 1990s and responded to the claims of conspiracy theorists, but many have continued to doubt the government’s explanation.